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There is no great religion than humanity in this world. The priceless concepts of one’s life should be to treat every creature with love, respect sympathy, compassion and equality. One should try to wipe the tears of others and not to wash one’s own hands in them and thereby take pervert pleasure.
Man acquires eyes and ears from birth, but learns wisdom from experience of life. He is born free, but is later subjected to discrimination of caste, color, class, faith, gender, religion, language and region. With the good intention of treating all the world people as one, the United Nations general assembly adopted the universal Human rights Declaration in 1948 and proclaimed that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms without distinction”. Thereafter the concern for Human Rights struck deep roots all over the world.

Today the awareness on the need to protect Human rights has grown deeply. It has become the measure to test the government, the administration and the laws. It has become the standard to bring about harmony between the individual and the Government. And the basis for the economic assistance offered by the international community. It is right that Human Rights should be adopted in all fields of human activity. India has accepted them and has incorporated them in its Constitution and has ensured their growth and protection in all international pacts and agreements. The National and State Human Rights Commissions have equal responsibility in developing the essence of Human Rights in private and public spheres and in guarding the Human Rights laws and protecting their political foundations. One task entrusted to them under the Human rights protection Sub Rules 1993 is encouraging the NGO’s working in the field of Human Rights
I am happy to state that our Indian Human RightsPanel has done remarkable work in this regard. Our panel is also engaged in establishing rapport with the people. Many times ordinary people are reluctant to open up with their grievances. They are not aware of their own rights. They plead help-lessely for protection. They suffer under the scourge of corruption. Sometimes even the educated are not conversant with the Constitution. What then should be the plight of the uneducated? Therefore we are today orphans even though we have guardians. Which way is our politics going? It is the poor and the women and the common people who have become the victims of the self-centered lure of money and power and of the illegal means to acquire that money and power. In this background we are bringing out this handbook. The purpose of the handbook is to create awareness about Human Rights. We hope the people will make good use of it
I wish to inform you that the Indian Human Rights Panel is ever with you to protect your Human Rights just as you protect your eyelid.
Robert D’Souza
National President
Indian Human Rights Panel

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